ZJSU attaches much importance to international exchanges and cooperation, making an effort to promote educational internationalization. The university has partner relationship with more than 90 universities and scientific research institutions from more than 50 countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Japan, and South Korea, etc. Moreover, we have started cooperation programs with over 60 foreign universities and research institutions such as Columbia University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Manchester, Waseda University, University of Canterbury, and Chulalongkorn University in the areas of faculty and students exchange, mutual accreditation of credits, scientific research cooperation. ZJSU also co-established research centers with well-known foreign universities and research institutions, such as Sensory Science Laboratory with American Monell Chemical Sense Center. In May 2016, ZJSU-Massey University Joint Research Laboratory of Food Structure, Digestion and Nutrient Delivery was established.

In the future, to achieve the goal of “becoming the first-class university domestically and a renowned high-leveled university internationally”, ZJSU will be committed to the following work: to promote the school-running strategy of internationalization in all aspects; to improve the school-running quality by strengthening the construction of its connotation; to cultivate international talents to serve the national “Belt and Road Initiative”; to reinforce the advantage of regional research led by the East Asian study; to create the distinguished brand of business studies with internationalization.