Second Language Promotion Programs (SLPP)
SLPP came into being in 2001, when it was first launched as SEPP (Spoken English Promotion Program). With the popularity of SEPP, SCPP (Spoken Chinese Promotion Program) was developed, and has become popular too. Recently, Spoken French Promotion Program (SFPP) and Spoken German Promotion Program (SGPP) and Spoken Japanese Promotion Program (SJPP) have been added to the program. The aim of the programs is to help Chinese students to improve their foreign language proficiency, so as to enhance their competitive abilities in job-seeking and future professional development.
In SEPP, Chinese students are organized into groups of 4 to 6, and they are required to practice spoken English with native-speaking students on given topics among them for 50 minutes or more per workday after class. Chinese students gained much benefit from SEPP. The number of ZJSU students who participated in SEPP has increased very quickly year by year.
ZJSU invites about 10 groups of international students from various countries to take part in SLPP. Each qualified international student is assigned to talk in English or other foreign languages with ZJSU students for 4 hours per workday during their visit.
Financial support for international students in SLPP:
--free transportation within Hangzhou and local sightseeing at weekends, once a week
--free food and accommodation in ZJSU during the period
--free lectures on Chinese language, Chinese culture and other topics
Activities of international students in SLPP:
--Chatting with ZJSU students in their native languages
--Attending classes of Chinese language, Chinese culture and other topics
--Sightseeing at weekends
Benefits of SLPP for international students:
--to understand Chinese culture
--to speak and write Chinese
--to know more about higher education, society and market of China
Up to 2012, more and more international students from various countries have come to take part in SLPP. In recent years, we have accepted over 30 groups of international students from over 15 partner universities in US, Canada, UK, Germany, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Chile, Turkey and other countries, sent about 20 SCPP groups of students to US, UK, Turkey, Philippines, Thailand and Bangladesh, etc..