For International Students
Programs and Courses

Degree Programs in English
International students, including exchange students from partner universities with insufficient Chinese language skills can apply for degree programs (from Bachelor to Doctor) in the areas of Finance, Accounting, E-commerce, International Business, Economic Statistics, Computer Science and Technology, Law, Art Design, Environmental Science, Food Science, etc. However, they are required to take some courses in Chinese language and business culture (in English).

Chinese Language & Culture
The program is designed for students of Chinese language learning, including Essential Chinese Language, Intermediate Business Language, Advanced Chinese Language, Business Chinese, Understanding China and other courses. The courses are offered both at downtown campus and Xiasha campus.

China & Chinese Business
The program is designed for students majoring in business or relevant academic subjects, and other international personnel who are interested in China and Chinese market. The courses are delivered in English. The duration of the program could be for a few months or one year depending on the requirement of the target group. It aims to enable students to be familiar with China's economic, social and cultural development, China’s economic policies and regulations, Chinese business environment and Chinese enterprise culture and so on. The major courses include: Chinese society and Culture, China's Contemporary Economy and Trade, Business Practices in China, Oriental Management, Business Law of China and Chinese Language. The program is offered to the group of 10 people or more, and the courses could be tailored according to the specific requirement.