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ZJSU Sets off for “Artificial Intelligence+”

On March 15, Yu Jianxing, the Secretary of ZJSU Party Committee, met the delegation from the University of Sussex, led by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Robin Banerjee.

On behalf of ZJSU, Yu Jianxing warmly welcomed Prof. Robin Banerjee and his delegation, providing an overview of the recent advances and accomplishments of Sussex Artificial Intelligence Institute. He highlighted the approaching fourth anniversary of the school-running partnership between ZJSU and Sussex, underscoring their positive contributions and efforts towards the development of Sussex Artificial Intelligence Institute. As the pioneering Sino-foreign collaborative institute in the field of AI, Sussex Artificial Intelligence Institute of ZJSU is dedicated to AI talent training and research collaboration between the two universities. Its objective is to facilitate the systematic application of AI in key domains and contribute to novel advances. Yu expressed his aspirations to establish comprehensive and profound cooperation, facilitate the implementation of joint PhD training programs, and establish a digital humanities laboratory. He aimed to make the institute a model for Sino-British collaborative education and a bridge for cultural exchange between the two nations. Ultimately, he envisioned steps forward in the thriving development of education in both countries.

On March 16, Wang Yonggui, the President of ZJSU, and Robin Banerjee, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex, attended the commencement ceremony of the 2022 graduate students, and delivered speeches.

Wang extended sincere congratulations to the graduates who are about to embark on a new journey in life. AI represents one of the most important technologies around the globe, and is now profoundly changing our lives and work at an unprecedented speed, depth, and breadth. He presented three expectations to the graduates: At first, they were expected to maintain a sense of crisis and stay abreast of the developments and changes of the times. Secondly, he encouraged them to embrace a strong sense of responsibility, actively shoulder social responsibilities, and engage in promoting the integration of technology and society to make contributions to the society. Lastly, he urged them to inherit the spirit of the school motto and adhere to the qualities of “Honesty, Persistence, Diligence, and Simplicity”, in pursuit of excellence and self-realization, thus contributing their humble efforts to building a fairer, more sustainable, and better future. Wang firmly believed that the experience at ZJSU would yield boundless value in the years to come. In conclusion, he wished the graduates a bright future full of promising opportunities.

Robin Banerjee, on behalf of the University of Sussex, conveyed profound gratitude to ZJSU and highly commended the remarkable achievements of their collaborative school-running endeavors. He emphasized that the joint programs between the two universities offer students invaluable opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges, facilitate the sharing of educational resources, and enhance their capacities for diverse thinking and global perspectives. This collaboration holds immense significance in the training of talents. The University of Sussex has recently devised a strategic plan for the upcoming decade, with international cooperation serving as a pivotal element. Banerjee specifically underscored the importance of the partnership between the Artificial Intelligence Institutes of both universities in realizing this strategic vision. He expressed his hope that Sussex Artificial Intelligence Institute of ZJSU will continue to exert sustained efforts in areas such as sustainable development, while working collaboratively with The University of Sussex to foster the coexistence and prosperity of life, work, ethics, and technology. Furthermore, he aimed to nurture a greater number of outstanding talents, drive technological innovation, and contribute to sustainable development.

Wang Yonggui and Robin Banerjee collaborated in the conferment of degrees. The Dean of the Sussex Artificial Intelligence Institute, Wei Guiyi, and the Vice Dean, Sheng Zhengguo, presented accolades to the recipients of the prestigious “Dean’s Honour Awards for Graduates.”