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Signing Ceremony for Deepening Scientific Research Cooperation with Howest University of Applied Sciences Held in ZJSU

On October 16, the signing ceremony for deepening scientific research cooperation between Howest University of Applied Sciences and Zhejiang Gongshang University was held. The participants include Carl Decaluwé (Governor of West Flanders, Belgium), Frederik D’Hulster (President of Howest University of Applied Sciences), members from West Flanders delegation, Chen Yanqin (Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government), Sun Beilei (Head of European Division), Lan Jingjing (Head of International Cooperation And Exchange Division of Zhejiang Provincial Department Of Education), Wang Yonggui (President of ZJSU), relevant staff of ZJSU, as well as 6 Belgian exchange students. The ceremony was presided over by Gu Qing, Vice President of ZJSU.

President Wang Yonggui delivered a welcome speech to the guests, in gratitude for their unwavering care and support. Then he introduced school-running history and education internationalization of ZJSU. With more than ten years of dedicated collaboration, he noted Howest as one of the most significant and the most closely connected partners of ZJSU. The two universities established partnership in 2012, leading to the official inauguration of the jointly operated Confucius Institute in April of the same year. Recognized as the “Global Confucius Institute of the Year” in 2019, this collaboration has thrived. In 2021, we jointly launched an undergraduate program in Chinese Business, well utilizing the resources of the Confucius Institute for related teaching and research activities. Notably, this program stands out as the sole Chinese Business offering in Belgium facilitated through a Confucius Institute, underscoring the exceptional achievements of their collaborative educational endeavors. It is eagerly anticipated that the pivotal moment will further expand our school-running functions concerning educational collaboration, cultural exchanges, and social services. It is also an opportunity to consolidate ZJSU’s relationship with the government of West Flanders Province, local enterprises, and overseas Chinese chambers of commerce. ZJSU is committed to serving the educational exchange and economic cooperation between the two provinces.

At the ceremony, President Wang Yonggui and President Frederik D’Hulster signed the Cooperation Agreement on Deepened Scientific Research between Zhejiang Gongshang University and Howest University of Applied Sciences, and Xu Qingsheng, Marketing Manager of the Shanghai Office of the Benelux Chamber of Commerce and President Frederik D’Hulster signed Memorandum on Mutual Cooperation .

Before the signing ceremony, Mr. Carl Decaluwé, the Governor of West Flanders, and other delegation members visited the Zhejiang Merchants Museum.

Since the establishment of rapprochement in 2000, Zhejiang Province and West Flanders Province have seen diverse exchanges and cooperative movements across various sectors, with fruitful outcomes. Notably, cultural and educational exchanges have seen continuous expansion, while collaborations between universities have flourished, and cultural and tourism cooperation has deepened, with commendable achievements. To further enhance practical cooperation in education, science, and technology, and to deepen the partnership between the two provinces, Governor Carl Decaluwé led a delegation to visit Zhejiang from October 16 to October 18, with Zhejiang Gongshang University serving as a significant destination during their visit.