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Yu Jianxing, Secretary of the ZJSU Party Committee, met with Delegation Led by the Governor of West Flanders, Belgian

On June 17th , 2023, Yu Jianxing, Secretary of the ZJSU Party Committee, met with the delegation led by Carl Decaluwé, the governor of West Flanders, Belgium. The meeting, concerning further exchange and cooperation, includes the participation of Gu Qing, Vice President of ZJSU, heads of relevant departments, and the first Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, Belgium.

On behalf of ZJSU, Yu extended welcome to the delegation and thanked Carl Decaluwé for his supporting international development, especially the Confucius Institute co-established by ZJSU and the Howest University of Applied Sciences. He said, for higher education, internationalization is a far-reaching and important gauge, and ZJSU will remain focused on cooperation with the Howest University of Applied Sciences, the development of the Confucius Institute, and friendship between the two countries.

Carl Decaluwé said, through multiple visits to Zhejiang Province and ZJSU, he has developed strong bonds with Zhejiang and ZJSU, and great faith in the two countries’ development prospects. He hoped this visit would further the education cooperation and people-to-people exchange and develop Confucius Institute with joint efforts as a bridge promoting the friendship, educational cooperation and business between the two countries.

On the occasion of the first virtual graduation ceremony of the Sussex Artificial Intelligence Institute at ZJSU, Decaluwé said, a highly internationalized education system plays a pivotal role in the world economy, and he suggested that young people should be ready to position themselves in the globe and showcase their value. In addition, Governor Decaluwé paid a visit to the ZJSU history Museum, speaking highly of the school-running history of ZJSU and internationalized development.