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8000 Jobs from 200 Enterprises! ZJSU Promoted Employment by On-Campus Recruitment Fair

On June 8th, 2022 Hangzhou Public Campus Recruitment Fair for Graduates, and Special Fair for Interns was held in ZJSU. It was also included as the special fair for domestic e-commerce talents in 2022 Zhejiang E-commerce Career Fair series.

Mr. Qianjiang Zhang, Deputy Director of the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Prof. Jianxing Yu, President of ZJSU and Prof. Yingjun Zhao, Vice President of ZJSU, attended the career fair. They met with graduates and employer representatives to know more about their career anticipation, the employment progress, actual difficulties of the students on one hand and talent demands from the companies on the other. Later, an informal discussion meeting was held for two sides to share in-depth exchange of views on cooperation between local authorities and universities, construction of expert think tanks and cooperation in talent training.

On the career fair, President Yu said in the interview by Zhejiang TV and other media, that ZJSU has been committed to offering more jobs to improve graduates’ entrepreneurship and ability to innovate. Meanwhile, Major Project Teams and research institutes of ZJSU will be encouraged to give more support to graduates with more internships.

It is reported that 28 online and offline career fairs were held in ZJSU in 2022, providing over 180,000 jobs for graduates. ZJSU hires experts in human resources as employment tutors and selects employment pacers to assist students with employment difficulties. Relevant activities like "ZJSU Helps ZJSUers to Get Jobs" are carried out regularly. To promote high level of informationization in employment and create an "Recruitment Services Platform" in computer and mobile terminals, ZJSU launched AI interview system to empower graduates for job hunting.