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ZJSU and Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture Group Signed A Cooperation Agreement to Establish Joint Laboratory for Common Prosperity

On September 29th, Zhejiang Gongshang University, the Academy of Social Governance of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture Group,Co.,Ltd. jointly established the Joint Laboratory for Common Prosperity. Yu Jianxing,President of ZJSU, and Li Kechuan,Second-level Inspector of Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, jointly unveiled the laboratory. Cheng Weimin, Chairman of Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture Group, and Jin Yanghua, Vice President of ZJSU, signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement."  We hope that the building of the laboratory can help both sides to jointly explore a new path for the integration of production, education and research. Thus, we can create a national highland for theoretical research and strategic consulting of common prosperity.

Joint Laboratory for Common Prosperity will focus on major strategies for promoting common prosperity. On the basis of data, modeling and computing power, it will conduct in-depth research in theoretical framework , index model development and application, and data mining and display of common prosperity . Meanwhile, a "talent conveyor belt" is set up to allow talents to accurately connect with the industry, and to deepen the cooperation between the government,theindustry, universities and research circles.

How to transform our advantages into new driving forces for the future innovation and development in media integration, digital culture, digital technology and other fields? As for this question, Tang Zhongxiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang Daily Press Group, said that the cooperation between the two parties will promote digital reform in Zhejiang. Moreover, the cooperation will be comprehensively upgraded, which is going to make overall plan in digital entertainment, digital sports, art industry, data technology, digital wisdom and governance, integrated media technology and digital cultural tourism and keeps pace with Zhejiang province's efforts in building a cultural highland in the new era.

President Yu stated that the establishment of the laboratory would be regarded as "Intelligence" actuator for the "Express" of common prosperity, which will also have a substantial impact on the high-level construction of a demonstration zone of common prosperity in Zhejiang. "Our purpose is to promote the interdisciplinary study of innovation and common prosperity,which will finally contribute to the transformation of industrial policy research and scientific and technological achievements into productivity. The laboratory will also uphold an open attitude to jointly promote the overall cooperation of the government, enterprises, universities, and research institutes in industrial development and accelerate the application of major technological achievements. By doing so, we can form a long-term mechanism for a win-win cooperation."

Recently, the 10th Meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee emphasized the need to promote common prosperity in high-quality development. In this process, the application scenarios of Zhejiang's digital economy are ubiquitous. Promoting the integration of culture and technology has become the key to the implementation of the laboratory.

The establishment of the Joint Laboratory for Common Prosperity reflects the desire for cutting-edge knowledge and innovative technology. According to Yu Jianxing, President of Zhejiang Gongshang University, it is not only necessary to organically integrate the advanced productive forces of socialism with production relations, but also to enable everyone to share the fruits of social and economic development. "With in-depth integration of production, education and research, the establishment of their bases can not only explore a new model of disciplines construction, but also provide technology and talent support for building a common prosperity demonstration zone."