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Creating Impossibility——Management Strategy and Life Philosophy from Geely

Date: 2021-09-29 


Venue: Lecture Hall on the second floor, the General Building

Speaker: Wang Ziliang, Vice President of Geely Holding Group and spokesman of Geely Automobile News & Deputy Dean and Professor of the School of Public Administration of ZJSU

Abstract: "Geely Biography", his recent book, has been recently published by Hongqi Publishing House with his personal experience and a lot of first-hand materials. It, especially, interviews more than 200 relevant people, and takes the growth of Geely Group in the past 35 years as the main axis, with "strategic transformation" and the acquisition of Volvo as the focus of two major events. This book is a description of  how Li Shufu and his team transformed from a family business to a global company and from a car manufacturer to a technology-based mobility company. His biography reveals the cultural genes and success codes of Geely's growth, and analyzes both the deep meaning behind Li Shufu's globalization and the changes in development, which makes it a rich and profound work of non-fiction.