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A Total of 350 Million Yuan Donated on the 110th Anniversary of ZJSU to Set up the First Philanthropy College in China

May 8th, 2021 witnessesthe establishment of“Yingxian Special Fund” in Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZJSU) upon its110thAnniversary Zhongjing, which issponsored byXinhua Asset Management Co., Ltd. with a total of 350 millionYuan donated toset up the very first Philanthropy CollegeinChina. It aims to support ZJSU to cultivate philanthropic talents by providing bachelor, master and PhD programs, so as to promote the university development and high-quality talent cultivation.

Mr.Yu Yongming, Deputy Director of Provincial Education Department, Mr.Pan Weichuan, Director of Accounting and Finance Office, Mr.Gao Yang, Chairman of Zhongjing Xinhua Asset Management Co. Ltd, Mr.Cheng Gang, President of Foundation Center Network, and Mr. Dai Mingyou, Assistant to Chairman of Zhongjing Industrial (Group), along with the authorities from ZJSU, including Mr.Chen Liuyu, Secretary of Party Committee,Mr.Yu Jianxing, President, Mr.Qian Tianguo, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Mr.Zhao Yingjun, Vice President of ZJSU attended the signing ceremony of the funding agreement.

Since the implementation of the Charity Law of the People's Republic of China for more than four years, China’s philanthropy has developed vigorously with its charitable activities becoming more standardized, more professional, and larger-scaled. There are, however, problems such as the lack of professional training and experience in the field of public charity, and lagging-behind professional capacity in public welfare communication, project marketing, fundraising and management. In order to promote the development of modern philanthropic education, ZJSU will make full use of this grant to build Philanthropy College and develop philanthropic talents training.

On behalf of ZJSU, Secretary Chen Liuyu expressed his heartfelt thanks to Mr. Gao Yang and Zhongjing Xinhua Asset Management Co., Ltd.

President Yu Jianxing said in his speech that the establishment of Yingxian Philanthropy College is not only an important channel to explore the new road of China's philanthropy and bring up Chinese charity professionals, but also is essential for Zhejiang Province build  itself as an "important window" and a demonstration area of common prosperity. At the same time, the construction of Yingxian Philanthropy College will also create a new landmark and a new symbol for Hangzhou and even Zhejiang Province. 

Mr. GaoYang, an Austrian Chinese, has a deep connection with Zhejiang Gongshang University. His parents are famous philanthropists Mr. Lu Jiaxian and Ms. Gao Wenying, both of whom graduated from Hangzhou Institute of Commerce, the predecessor of Zhejiang Gongshang University. For many years, he has devoted himself to charity and public welfare with his parents. Today, he came to his parents' alma mater to establish"Yingxian Special Fund"on the occasion of 110th birthday of ZJSU. He said that this grant is not only to give back to his parents' alma mater, but also to promote professional education and popularization of philanthropy, and to empower ZJSU's discipline innovation and talent cultivation.