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Vice President of China Xi Jinping Greets ZJSU Students

Chinese vice President Xi Jinping arrived in Dresden, the Capital of Saxony, Germany on October 10th local time, it was the first stop of his German tour and the second leg of his 5 European nation visit.

During the staying in Dresden, Xi had a brief talk with ZJSU exchange students there and encouraged them to make full use of this great opportunity with an open mind in learning advanced culture and technology in European countries. The talk was followed-up by medias home and broad, Hong Kong Phoenix TV was one of them in covering the whole trip. Wu Yiyi, student from School of Finance ZJSU said, the talk was really a great push to Chinese overseas students, and of course, everyone would put every effort to work hard in wishing an early and fruitful return to the motherland.

A bilateral cooperation agreement signed in 2008 between ZJSU and Wildau TFH (Technische Fachhochschule Wildau) in students exchange and culture interaction that made the program actualized. This year, Wildau TFH has sent 36 students to ZJSU in March conducting their 3-month studying in China and also, ZJSU selected 24 students to Germany this September. Led by Prof. Liu Haisheng, Vice Dean of School of Accounting, the 24-students' delegation was fully prepared for the coming 5-month's German studying. German medias has more on covering the issue.

(source: Students Affairs Office,International Affairs Office)