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Delegation of University of Sussex Led by Vice-Chancellor and President Visited ZJSU

On June 17, 2023, Yu Jianxing, Secretary of the ZJSU Party Committee, met with the delegation led by Sasha Roseneil, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Sussex. Gu Qing, Vice President of ZJSU and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting.

Secretary Yu warmly welcomed the delegation, with an introduction to the school-running characteristics of ZJSU. He said, artificial intelligence stands among the most important technologies. And Sussex Artificial Intelligence Institute at ZJSU has reaped the harvest in talent training since its establishment, which evinces the school-running advantages with joint efforts. The University of Sussex enjoys wide international recognition, running at the forefront of the world. It is hoped that based on the already existing cooperation, more efforts should be made in Ph.D. joint training, to enhance cultural and educational exchanges between China and UK.

Prof Sasha Roseneil felt proud of the fruitful results of educational cooperation, particularly in terms of talent training. She stated that the outstanding success was the result of both parties overcoming numerous challenges during the past three years of COVID-19. She has faith that a deeper collaboration between the two universities will be seen on the road ahead, and she anticipates the joint Ph.D. training program, hoping that they can enhance teacher-student exchanges and project cooperation further.

On the 2023 graduation ceremony of the Sussex Artificial Intelligence Institute at ZJSU, Prof Sasha Roseneil encouraged graduates to grasp the opportunity, to act as an innovator with the knowledge to challenge themselves, thus making contributions to society.

On June 18, 2023, the 4th JMC Meeting of Sussex Artificial Intelligence Institute at ZJSU was held on the first floor of the International Conference Center. It witnessed the adjustment of JMC members and the assignment of the Letter of Intention for a joint Ph.D. training program. After the meeting, the representatives of both sides planted trees in Chulan Garden in memory of graduation.