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Lu Shan, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province Visited Zhejiang Merchants Museum of ZJSU

On 14th September, Lu Shan, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province and Jiang Zhengui, Vice Secretary-General of Provincial Government paid a visit to Zhejiang Merchants Museum of ZJSU. Yu Jianxing, President of ZJSU attended the tour.

Zhejiang Merchants Museum is generally positioned as the "Spiritual Homeland of All Zhejiang Entrepreneurs" and a characteristic window to showcase the stories of Zhejiang entrepreneurs who stay committed to "industry-oriented, industry-serving the country". The delegation led by Vice Governor Lu Shan listened carefully to the introduction and learned about the history of Zhejiang entrepreneurs, representatives, entrepreneurship and innovation, social responsibility, charity and so on.

During the visit, Vice Governor Lu Shan fully affirmed the work done by Zhejiang Gongshang University to establish Zhejiang Merchants Museum and to systematically sort out and widely disseminate the culture and spirit of Zhejiang entrepreneurs. He pointed out that Zhejiang entrepreneurs are very precious resources. He hopes that the museum will further strengthen targeted research and innovate services to maximize the important role of private enterprises and entrepreneurs in promoting sound development and growth of private enterprises and entrepreneurs and helping Zhejiang with high-quality development and building a demonstration zone for common prosperity.

Zhejiang Merchants Museum displays the People, Things and Eventsof Zhejiang's economy, especially the growth and history of private economy in Zhejiang and innovation of more than 10 million of Zhejiang entrepreneurs since the reform and opening up. It vividly demonstrates the spirit of Zhejiang entrepreneurs and plays a unique role in publicizing Zhejiang entrepreneurs and Zhejiang province.