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Vice Governor of West Flanders Jean De Bethune Visited ZJSU-Howest Confucius Institute

Recently, Jean De Bethune, Vice Governor of West Flanders, Belgium, visited ZJSU-Howest Confucius Institute (CI), accompaniedby Ann Tavernier, Director of the Economic, European and International Cooperation Department, Kristien Vandamme, China Affairs Advisor, Elsje Deseure, Secretary of the European and International Cooperation Department, and Ellen Cardoen, Secretary of the Vice Governor’s Office. Professor Frederik D’Hulster, Vice President of Howest University of Applied Sciences, Romeo Baertsoen, Professor of Business School, and Directors of Confucius Institute of both sides attended themeeting.

At the meeting, Professor Pan Zhangxian, Chinese Director of Confucius Institute, briefed on its recent work and introduced ZJSU’s history, major settings, features, and internationalization as well. She said that the Confucius Institute, as an educational institution that spreads Chinese language and culture, will wholeheartedly provide assistance to local people in learning Chinese, and build bridges for exchanges between the two peoples in education, economics and culture, enhancing mutual understanding and friendship.

Frederik D’Hulster, Vice President of Howest University of Applied Sciences, highly praised the work and achievements made by Confucius Institute. He noted that, the Confucius Institute has made contributions to promoting the integration and cooperation of diverse cultures in Belgium. Meanwhile, it has been regarded as a bridge between Howest University of Applied Sciences and Zhejiang Gongshang University.

Dr. Philip Vanhaelemeersch,the Director of Confucius Institute, introduced the achievements gained in cultural exchanges and the work plan for this year.In 2021, the Confucius Institute will be invited to participate in the "Beijing-Hankou Railway" exhibition at the World Train Museum in Brussels, Belgium. At the same time, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the friendly relationship between Zhejiang Province and West Flanders, the Confucius Institute will cooperate with the China National Silk Museum to launch the "Silk and Silk Road" exhibition in middle of June.Preparations are currently proceeding in an orderly manner.

Professor Romeo Batterson from the Business School gave a detailed introduction to the new major of "China Business Studies", which is the firstof its kindin Belgium. It aims to cultivate professionals who are proficient in Chinese, familiar with Chinese culture, and competent in business activities and management both in China and Belgium. This new major is open to students in Belgium with a term of 3 years. Many courses will be carried out through Confucius Institute.

Jean De Bethune, Vice Governor of West Flanders, fully affirmed the contribution made by Confucius Institute in promoting the exchanges between China and Belgium recent years. He said that the accomplishments of past years are extraordinary and hoped that in the future, the two parties will continue to work together to make the Confucius Institute unique, promoting long-term development of the two sides in multiple fields, and injecting new impetus to the further cooperation between West Flanders and Zhejiang Province in education, culture, science and technology.