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Delegation from Tokyo Keizai University Visited ZJSU

On the morning of March 6th, KISHI Shizue, Vice President of Tokyo Keizai University, Takizawa Kazuhiro, Director of Academic Research Center and Luo Huanzhen, Professor of Economics visited Zhejiang Gongshang University(ZJSU). Professor Li Jun, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of ZJSU met with the guest, along with the representatives from International Office and School of Oriental Languages and Culture.

Li Jun applauded the visit of the delegation and briefly introduced the history, education scale and strong majors of ZJSU. He stated that, with the similar cultural features, the two countries had written a long chapter of exchange, and the cooperation potential was huge between the two universities as the history and featured majors were quite alike. He hopes that the two parties could combine the teaching resources and promote cooperation in talents cultivation, scientific research and students academic matters and career through this visiting. Ms.Shizue hailed the education theory of ZJSU and research fruits of Japanese culture. She made it clear that she would help the cooperation between the two sides flip to a new chapter. Later the two sides made a deeper discussion on excellent talents cultivation, international education trend and cultural history of China and Japan.

       The root of Tokyo Keizai University goes back to Okura Commerce School, established in 1900 by Kihachiro Okura, an industrialist full of enthusiasm who started more than 200 enterprises. Four faculties have been set, including Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Communication Studies and Faculty of Contemporary Law. Since its establishment Tokyo Keizai University has been focused on the development of young people who would be active on the international stage and has subsequently made inestimable contributions to the development of contemporary business in Japan.  8 students have been sent to pursue further studies since the two universities signed a cooperation agreement in 2016.