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MPM Program of ZJSU Is Selected as A Candidate for Provincial Demonstration Program of Chinese - Foreign Cooperation

Recently, the Master of Project Management ( MPM) program jointly organized by Zhejiang Gongshang University and University of Quebec at Chicoutimi was successfully selected as a candidate for Provincial Demonstration Program of Chinese - foreign cooperation, which is the first time for ZJSU to be entitled of such honor.

The Master of Project Management ( MPM) joint program, approved by the Office of China Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council in December 2003 and reviewed by the Ministry of Education in 2006, aims at cultivating a group of experts in project management who are good at taking advantage of the rules of market economy, familiar with international project operation rules and able to effectively take charge of different scale projects during the whole process. Since 2004, 1072 students who have successfully completed all the required courses stipulated by the Educational Plan on the program have been awarded with the Master degree of Project Management by University of Quebec and are now serving at various professional walks in Zhejiang Province. Excellent graduates from the program, like Liu Zhenhui, chairman of the board of Zhejiang Economic Co-operation Group, Chen Zhen Shan, chairman of Hangzhou Bank, and Ding Chenghong, General Manager of Hangzhou Zhang Xiaoquan Group, are making outstanding contributions to the economic development and transformation of Zhejiang Province. With the continuous advancement of the project, the scope of the MPM program has been extended from the personnel training to the cooperative research, based on which Chinese-Canadian project management research center and other research institutions were successively established and previous research results have been published on well-known academic journals at home and abroad.

According to "Notice of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education Office for the Publication of the List of Provincial Demonstration Program Candidates of Chinese- Foreign Cooperation” (ZJEDU[2017] 5), only 16 programs were selected as the candidates for provincial demonstration program from 118 Chinese-foreign cooperation, which affirms high schooling quality of ZJSU in organizing the existing Chinese-foreign cooperation programs and reflects the achievements of ZJSU in running school with characteristics based on Business Strategy.