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Delegation from Musashino Art University Visited ZJSU

On 27th May, the delegation from Musashino Art University led by the Vice President, Shunsaburo Nakahara visited ZJSU. Chen Shoucan, the President of ZJSU met the guests, the relevant staff from School of Art and Design and International Office also attended the meeting.

On behalf of ZJSU, Chen Shoucan expressed cordial welcome to the delegation. He introduced the general development of ZJSU to the guests and expounded on the history and culture of ZJSU as well as its strategy of international education. Chen Shoucan highlighted the specialties of ZJSU, especially the achievements made by the School of Art and Design in educational reform and student cultivation. He emphasized that the characteristics of running School of Art and Design is the integration of design and business studies. Permeated into principles such as Economics, Management, Arts, Law and Science, art education can realize integration and innovation, which makes it possible for all students to enjoy the charm of art. Shunsaburo Nakahara introduced Musashino Art University, and he spoke highly of ZJSU’s emphasis on art, design and cultivation of humanistic quality for students. The two sides hoped to improve the cooperative forms based on existing cooperation and to put forward the new exchange themes to enrich cooperation content.

Established in 1962, Musashino Art University is a private comprehensive university with emphasis on painting and plastic art. Covering 11 principles of painting and design, it is the largest art university with the most principles in Japan, which has become one of the best art universities in Japan, alongside Tokyo Arts University and Tama Arts University. In 2016, Musashino Art University conducted the first school-enterprise project with the School of Art and Design of ZJSU named “the Fourth Design Camp of Ant Financial”. The “Ants Imagination Design Forum” was held on May 28th in the Xixi Park of Alibaba.