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President of Seijou University Visited ZJSU

From January 4th to 6th, President of Seijou University visited ZJSU. Chen Shoucan, President of ZJSU and Dai Wenzhan, Vice President of ZJSU met the guests. Directors of International Office and School of Oriental Languages and Culture also attended the meeting.

On behalf of ZJSU, Chen Shoucan extended warm welcome to the guests and he introduced our university’s basic situation, historical cultural background as well as the strategy of internationalization to the guests. He hoped that the cooperation between the two sides could be conducted based on the cooperation with the School of Oriental Languages and Culture, developing both short-term and long-term exchanges among teachers and students. Dai Wenzhan emphasized school-running characteristics, measures and quality programs of internationalization, and achievements made by School of Oriental Languages and Culture in internationalization of teaching staff and student cultivation. President of Seijou University then introduced the basic information of his university, and he thought that the common points between our university could be conducive to promoting cooperation. The two sides identified intention, domains and ways of cooperation. The cooperative agreement was also reached and signed.

Seijou University was founded in 1950. Its predecessor was Seijou Academy which was established in 1917. Seijou Academy is a private education group for the noble, which offers education to students from kindergarten to college. It is situated in Setagaya District of Tokyo, which boasts for long history and various talents. It has cultivated many eminent persons such as world-famous conductor, Seiji Ozawa. With the joint effort of Wang Baoping, Dean of School of Oriental Languages and Culture s and Professor Yamada, Seijou University has donated thousands books to School of Oriental Languages and Culture since 2005. ZJSU can send exchange students to Seijou University without tuition fees and living expenses every year according to the Agreement. ZJSU is the third university that has developed cooperation with Seijou University. The other two universities are Tsinghua University and Fudan University.