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Vice President of Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau Visited ZJSU

On 2nd December, Professor Jorg Peter, Vice President of Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, visited ZJSU. Dai Wenzhan, Vice President of ZJSU met with the guests, director of International Office also attended the meeting.

On behalf of ZJSU, Dai expressed his warmest welcome to the Vice President of University of Applied Sciences Wildau, who paid the first visit to ZJSU. Dai introduced the general situation of ZJSU to foreign guests and emphasized the strategy of international development. He also expressed heartfelt thanks for their care to our teachers and students who studied and lived in Germany. Prof. Peter introduced the situation of his school and the main mission of his visit. The two sides are both satisfied with our current exchanges and cooperation, and they hope that the two sides can keep pushing forward the existing cooperative programs and at the same time develop new exchanges and cooperative programs.

ZJSU established friend relations with Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau in 2008. The two sides actively conducted exchanges and cooperation. For the past years, students of ZJSU sent to Wildau totaled more than 70. Wildau also sends a class of students to ZJSU for one term every spring, the students enroll in the class of "China and China's Business". Until now, the number of students has reached more than 150. "China and China's Business" has also become a brand program of international exchanges in ZJSU. Meanwhile, the two sides have professor exchanges for more than ten times, and the mutual visit of school leaders has been several times.

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau was founded in 1897, which was one of the most important research and development centers for mechanical engineering in the last mid-century. The university is located in the suburb of Berlin and boasts for favorable location. It is very international with 20% of foreign students from more than 50 countries.