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Vice President of Tokyo Keizai University Visited ZJSU

On November 5st, Masahiro Fukushi, Vice President of Tokyo Keizai University visited ZJSU. Dai Wenzhan, Vice President of ZJSU met with the foreign guests. Directors of International Office also attended the meeting.

Firstly, Dai introduced the general development situation of ZJSU to the Japanese guests who visited ZJSU for the first time. Dai emphasized our international strategies and attached great importance to the cooperation of both sides. Dai wished to establish cooperative relations through this meeting and put in place the students and scholars’ exchange programs, starting with the School of Oriental Language and Culture of ZJSU. Fukushi then introduced the general situation of Tokyo Keizai University, and expressed that he visited ZJSU with a purpose of vigorously promoting the cooperation between two sides. The intention of pushing forward the cooperation between two sides has been confirmed in this meeting, as well as the domain and ways of cooperation.

Tokyo Keizai University, whose predecessor is Ohkura Business School founded in 1900, is located in the west part of Tokyo. The Chinese Revolutionary League led by Sun Yatsen was set up there. So far, this school actively carries out reformation and improves its education quality based on the social demands with deep commitment to the society. It also emphasizes its essence of keeping pace with time. In addition, the school is committed to cultivating the students with spirits of being responsible, honest and loyal, and with capability of participating in international competition, hoping they can make contributions to the society with what they have learned in school.