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Delegation from the University of Poitiers visited ZJSU

On the afternoon of May 18th, Ms Licia Bagini, Vice President fromUniversity of Poitiers, ProfessorAlain Mignot, French Dean of Confucius Institute, and Professor Dai Tianhua, Chinese Dean of Confucius Institute visited ZJSU. Vice President Dai Wenzhan met with the delegation. Director of International Office and French Department attended the meeting.

Ms Licia visited ZJSU last year, during the delegation led by Jacques Morante, Director of Poitiers Bureau of Education, visited Zhejiang Province.Vice President Dai Wenzhan extended warm welcome to the delegation, and appreciated the great importance they attached to the cooperation between two Universities. He hoped that two Universities can launch substantive exchange, especially with French Department of ZJSU. Dai reviewed the internationalization process of ZJSU, particularly in the respect of talents training, students and faculty exchanging. He also mentioned 30 majors taught in foreign languages, which indicated higher education internationalization. He pointed out that the cooperation between both Universities has a bright future. We can begin with short-term students exchange programs, and then gradually promote scientific and research cooperation among teachers.Ms Licia appreciated the warm reception, and praised the education internationalization of ZJSU. She introduced the subject setting, key disciplines and the development ofConfucius Institute, and sincerely expected to launch cooperation programs on the basis of seizing opportunities and seeking common ground. Both parties reached a preliminary intent on cooperation after meeting.

University of Poitierswas a national University established in 1431, one of Europe’s oldest University. Along with some of Europe’s most famous Universities, such as University of Heidelberg fromGermany,University of Oxford,University of Cambridge,University of Bristoland The University of Edinburgh from England,University of Poitiersis member of The Coimbra Group. It posed great influence to the development ofFrance, even Europe.Ron Dibera, Madam Curie and Descartes, the founder ofmodern philosophy,once studied in University of Poitiers.Poitiersis the capital city ofVienne, possessing picturesque scenery and various folk customs. It is quite an ideal place for studying. Students propitiate third forth of the city’s population. Therefore,Poitiersis also called “University Town”.