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ZJSU held Working Conference on Education Internationalization
On September 25th, ZJSU held Working Conference on Education Internationalization on Xiasha Campus. Vice President Dai Wenzhan chaired the conference, directors of international office, directors of president office, students’ affair office, graduate school, college of international education, etc. attended the conference.

Dai stressed that we must further improve the recognition of the importance and urgency of education internationalization. He pointed out that education internationalization is a driving force to innovate ZJSU’s internal management system, an important mission when spreading Chinese culture, and a necessary choice in improving the level of school running. Dai comprehensively analyzed the present situation of education internationalization at ZJSU, and challenges it may face.

While acknowledging our achievements, Dai also pointed out ZJSU need to clearly see the existing problems and gap though we had achieved a little in the course of education internationalization. He stressed that all departments and all the secondary schools should not only perform their own functions, but also cooperate with each other, and we all need to have confidence and make steady headway in promoting education internationalization.

Then, Dai Wenzhan planed work for education internationalization in the following year. Firstly, we should strengthen all foreign languages teaching professional construction, integrate faculty, and perfect training plans in order to solid school running basis. Secondly, we should attach great importance to international students’ affair. Thirdly, we should further develop overseas students’ recruitment channels. Fourthly, we should strengthen the principal roles of secondary schools in the course of education internationalization. Fifthly, we should create more opportunities for students take part in overseas student exchange programs. Sixthly, we should vigorously improve the internationalization level of teachers. Seventhly, we should strictly regulate foreign affairs. Eighthly, we should create international atmosphere of multi-cultural blend on our campus. Ninthly, we should further improve the software and hardware facilities of education internationalization. Lastly, we should work together to run Confucius Institute well.