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Vice President Dai Wenzhan Met with Vice Chancellor Lisa Ba Geni from the University of Poitiers
On the afternoon of July 13th, vice president Dai Wenzhan met with vice chancellor Ms. Lisa Ba Geni from the University of Poitiers in France. The head of International Office of ZJSU, the director of Alliance Francaise and the head of French department attended the meeting.

Firstly, Mr. Dai Wenzhan extended warm welcome to Ms. Lisa Ba Geni, then made a brief introduction on school’s one hundred-year history and basic situations of ZJSU and expressed the hope that the two universities could conduct exchange and cooperation in the form of student exchange and staff exchange, especially realize the cooperation in French major. Ms. Lisa Ba Geni expressed her gratitude for warm reception and the hope of establishing friendly cooperation relationship as well. She introduced characteristics and advantages of disciplines set in the University of Poitiers and patterns of cooperation with other universities in China.

This year is the 50thanniversary of diplomatic ties between France and China. Leading a delegation, Yake Si Mourui Te, the secretary of Education Bureau in Poitier, France visited our province on July 12-15 during which Ms. Lisa Ba Geni payed a special visit to our university. The University of Poitiers is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Longue Saer Dibei Lei, Marie Curie and the founder of modern philosophy Descartes once studied there. Poitiers is the capital city of Vienne owning picturesque natural landscapes and colorful ethnic customs which is an ideal place for study. The number of students in Poitiers possesses three quarters of the population. Therefore, Poitiers is the city for college students.