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The Confucius Institute of ZJSU Opened Academic Forum on Ancient Chinese Architecture at Belgium

On February 26th, Professor Thomas Coomans of Architecture and Urban Planning Department, KU Leuven made a speech onAlphonse De Moerloose in China at the Confucius Institute of ZJSU. He introduced the historical development of those Gothic architectures in mainland China in the 19th century and their influence on modern China’s urban construction to whom interested in ancient Chinese architectures from Belgium.

Professor Tomas Coomans’ research focus is on the ancient Chinese architectures in the 19thcentury, especially those Gothic architectures designed Belgium experts. In recent years, he trained Chinese PHD candidates at KU Leuven, and also kept good academic exchanges with Chinese universities. His unique research perspective has a significant influence on modern China’s urban and rural construction.

This academic forum, relied on the advantage of the Confucius Institute,  introduced ancient Chinese architectures in the 19thcentury from a unique cultural perspective. It showed intimate relationship between China and Belgium, which layed a significant importance on the development of high-ended cultural projects of the Confucius Institute.

The academic forum also received support from president Jacques Ducazu of Vermeylen Foundation, Brugge and University of west Flanders.