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ZJSU held New Year’s Greeting Party
January 29th sees the New Year’s Greeting Party, which was held on the third floor of Cloud Canteen at ZJSU. On that day, red lanterns and Chinese knots were hanged up and the festival atmosphere was all around us. Mr. Liu Xiping, the secretary of the provincial education committee, also the director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education and Mr. Wu Yongliang, the deputy inspector of the provincial department, along with others persons in charge came to greet students, who stayed at ZJSU during the New Year Festival. Mr. Jiang Chenyong, the party secretary, Mr. Wang Xing jie, and Mr. Li Jinchang, the deputy party secretaries, and 180 students participated in the Greeting Party.

Mr. Liu Xiping wished all the students a happy new year, hoped everyone had their new year’s resolutions and could realize their new year’s resolutions in the near future. He hoped that ZJSU could be a better university in the ability of schooling so that it could provide better life for the students. He also hoped those overseas students who stayed in China to know more about Chinese culture.

Mr. Jiang Chenyong expressed his great care to all the students and teachers, and also thanked the logistic and security department for their considerate service. He hoped thatChinawould be more prosperous, that ZJSU and higher education of Zhejiang would achieve more, and all members at ZJSU would be all right in the coming year.

During the Greeting Party, Mr. Liu Xiping made dumplings with students, and they enjoyed great shows by the students, especially overseas students. The overseas students performed Africa Tambourine, a kind of drum, for all the guests, which was a different way of celebrating the traditional Chinese New Year. The whole party was filled with deep sense of New Year.