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ZJSU and the University of Missouri Signed the Agreement of Cooperation

In the afternoon of November 18, vice presidentDai Wenzhan met the vice president of University of Missouri, Dr.Hany Williamson and the dean of Confucius Institute, Dr. Ouyang Wen and signed the cooperation framework agreement on the behalf of ZJSU. The leaders from these two universities introduced general state of the school separately, especially about the present state and the future development oneducation Internationalization, hoping the two universities can carry out more and more in-depth exchanges and cooperation in related fields. The director ofInternational Exchange and Cooperation Department attended the meeting and the signing ceremony.

The cooperation between the two universities has been for several years. ZJSU and the University of Missourihave signed the specific project cooperation agreements on relevant disciplines.The signing of the cooperation framework agreement marks that the cooperation between the two universities is into a new stage, which exerts a great significance in the process ofschool’sinternationalization. The two universities will conduct the projects of common interests including exchange of visiting scholars and co-sponsored conferences.

Universityof Missouriwas founded in 1839. Today it includes four campuses with more than 60,000 students.UniversityofMissourioffers more than 265 kinds of degree programs enjoying a great reputation in teaching and research, known as “public Ivy League schools”. In 1908, the school founded the world’s first journalism school featuring advanced teaching concepts, strong teachers, and excellent quality of education, which enjoyed a high international reputation.UniversityofMissouriis One of the earliest American schools that conduct cooperation with Chinese universities. In the early 20th century,UniversityofMissourisupported the construction ofChina’s first journalism department —— Yenching University Journalism Department andJournalism Department inShanghaiSt. John’sUniversity(the predecessor of the Department of Journalism,FudanUniversity), which has significant influence on the development of journalism. Snow, anold friend of the Chinese people, is a graduate of the University of Missouri’s Journalism Department who was a teacher at Yenching University.