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The Gala, Chinese Style, world Culture, Held in ZJSU

In the evening of November 13, the gala was held in the theater. Vice president of ZJSU, Dai Wenzhan, attended the gala together with foreign gusts from University of West-Flanders,Belgium,University of Northampton,UKand Beite Fu County University and gusts from International Exchange and Cooperation Department,SchoolofInternational Education, Youth League and several other colleges. Students and teachers altogether about 800 watched the gala.

The background of starry sky symbolized global village. The starting show, saxophone quartet Fugue in G Minor, was performed by school wind band. The hot dance, Get the Party Started, performed by Hasina fromMadagascarobtained warm applause. Belgian student An Lan gave a speechChina, My Dream, which won appreciative applause. The fashion show played by over 20 students from different countries wearing their distinctive clothes brought the gala to a climax.

Most programs were jointly performed by Chinese and foreign students. Jointly performed programs like comic dialogue, drama and Shaoxing opera fully demonstrated the charm of language. Foreign students’Chinese proficiency obtained applause. Daniel and Andy fromCongo, their calligraphy work expressed the voice of all audiences——we are family. International students together with top ten singers sang Michael Jackson’s classic song We Are the World. At last, all the international students perform a rap——I Love You,China.

This gala is one part of 2013 International Education Week held jointly by International Exchange and Cooperation Department, school of International Education, Youth League and Student Union. The gala which strengthened international students’ sense of identity and belongingness and showed the substantial achievements of education internationalization not only provided a stage to show performances but also offered a platform for exchanging culture.