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ZJSU First Offers the Course of Cross-cultural Communication and International Education
In order to enhance students’ ability of international communication, foster a correct understanding of international exchange and learning, make full preparation of oversea study and exchange,and further promote educational internationalization, International Exchange and Cooperation Department of ZJSU cooperate with American’s National Association of International Education. After a year’s preparation, ZJSU offers the course of cross-cultural communication and international education in this fall semester, 2013. The course is developed and offered by ZJSU for the first time which is advanced among universities around the country.
Cross-cultural communication and international education is a interdisciplinary course which is designed as a elective as well as a core curriculum for all students. The course is offered to meet students’needs of visiting scholar abroad, study abroad, foreign exchange and foreign employment after graduation. The theory of curriculum is based on intercultural communication theory and comparative education theory. The content of the course is designed to achieve close combination of theory and practice as well as knowledge and interest. The curriculum design follows three basic principles: mastery of basic knowledge, cultivation of essential ability and practice of basic process.