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Bournemouth University visited ZJSU
On the afternoon of September 11th, vice president Dai Wenzhan met with Matthew Bennett, vice president of Bournemouth University, Prof. Zhang Tiantain, dean of graduate school, and Dr. Alastair Morrion, director of International Cooperation Department. Directors of the graduate school and officers of Foreign Affairs at ZJSU are presented the meeting.
On behalf of ZJSU, Mr. Dai extended his warm welcome to the delegates and introduced the hundred-year history of ZJSU, its qualified faculty, disciplinary structure and international programs between foreign universities and ZJSU within these years. Mr. Dai expressed his hope to run exchange programs, visiting scholar program, and research cooperation on this basis. Mr. Matthew Bennett also introduced Bournemouth University in order to extend cooperation with ZJSU.
As one of the best universities in Britain, Bournemouth University has seven schools:  Business School, School of Environmental Protection, School of Engineering Design, School of Law, School of Finance, School of Life Science and the Media School. Majors such as modern media, art design and law are its outstanding majors, and Bournemouth University has research centers as the National Centre for Computer Animation, cooking research center, and tourist hotel management center for international studies. Now, Bournemouth University boasts 18,000 students and the employment rate of Bournemouth University is among the national highest level.