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Delegates of Shih Chien University Visited ZJSU
On the morning of March 31, Vice President Dai Wenzhan warmly welcomed and met President of Shih Chien University, Mr. Ding Binshou and his delegates. Delegation members including Academic Dean of Shih Chien University, Mr. Cai Bowen, Professor Qiao Zhihua of  Soochow University, Tanwai, Professor Du Rifu of St. John University, who are now teaching at Shih Chien University, Directors of Vocational Training Center, Ms. Zhang Cuiling and Ms. Yang Juanhua, eight EMBA students and nine teachers at Shih Chien University. Directors of Office for Hongkong, Macao, Tanwai Affairs ZJSU, and principles of ZJSU MBA College are presented the meeting.
Mr. Dai sent his warm welcome to the visit of Mr. Ding and his delegates and introduced one-hundred-year history of ZJSU, the disciplinary structure and the recent exchange situation between Taiwan Universities and ZJSU to expect the cooperation on students exchange between two universities. Mr. Ding introduced the location of Shih Chien University, college settings and the unique courses of Art Design of Shih Chien University to express his expect of cooperation progress on student exchange of both universities.
Shih Chien University is a private university in Tanwai, which has one campus in Taipei and another in Gaoxiong. There was only one department, Department of Home Economics when Shih Chien University was founded. Today, the University has Department of Fashion Design, Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Nutraceutical Biotechnology, Department of Accounting, Department of Social Work, etc. It is famous for the course of design and home economics.