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State Councilor Liu Yandong Awarded the Confucius Institute of ZJSU at HOWEST
On the morning of April 19th,2012 Belgian time, State Councilor Liu Yandong awarded and made a speech on the inauguration ceremony held at the governmental hall of Province of West Flanders in Bruges of the Confucius Institute of Zhejiang Gongshang University(ZJSU) at HOWEST.
Liu Yandong said that she believed ZJSU as a famous university with a hundred-year history could achieve positive results in the cooperation with HOWEST and would become the bridge of cultural exchange between China and Belgium.

Ms. Liu Yandong—State Councilor of China, Mr. Hao Ping—Minister of Education of China, Governor of Province of West Flanders , Mr. Liao Liqiang—Chinese Ambassador to Belgiun, President of HOWEST University, and Mr. Jiang Chengyong—Party Secretary of ZJSU all participated this ceremony and sat on the rostrum.