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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Zhejiang Foreign Affairs Office Spoke highly of ZJSU Volunteers
The Eighth Senior Officials' Meeting of China-Africa Cooperation Forum was held in Hangzhou from Oct 25 to 30. More than 300 people attended the meeting, including Chinese government officials, representatives of the African Union, ministers of 51 African countries, and African diplomatic envoys to China.
It is the first time that the forum was held in a city other than Beijing, so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Zhejiang provincial government attached great importance to it and had specially asked ZJSU teachers and students to act as volunteers throughout the meeting. After receiving the mission, the leaders of our university paid high attention instantly, with the cooperation of International Affairs Office and Foreign Languages College, after several discussions and coordination meetings with the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, we had deliberately chosen 80 volunteers and carefully planned every detail. During the whole process, our volunteers did all the work earnestly without complaint and accomplished this foreign mission successfully.
Following the special instructions from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhejiang Provincial Foreign Affairs Office has sent to our university a special acknowlegement letter, in which it mentioned: “Your university has actively supported this activity by choosing 80 volunteers for this meeting. Those volunteers have received consentaneous reputation for their professional language skills, meticulous work style and the spirit of selfless dedication. They have contributed a lot to the success of this meeting and shown to us a perfect interpretation of volunteerism.”