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ZJSU Has Her Centenary Celebration
On this weekend,  faculty and staff, students, distinguished guests, and alumni representatives joyfully gathered at ZJSU Xiasha Campus and Jiaogong Road Campus, to have the Centenary Celebration. The two campuses were surrounded by blooming flowers and colorful flags that flutter in the ZJSU breeze—full of joyous atmosphere.
To successfully hold the Celebration Ceremony of 100 Anniversaries, people of the whole university have been busy preparing for it. This weekend, all the efforts were paid back.
On May 7th, the Inauguration Ceremony for the Centenary Celebration Gate was held at the East Open Square of Ping’an Qiao Road in Xiasha Campus. A series of lectures were also given by famous presidents, academicians and alumni. In the evening, a Celebration Evening Party was grandly held in the Theater and Student Activity Center, Xiasha Campus.
On May 8th, the formal Centenary Celebration Ceremony was held at the Theater and Student Activity Center, and our Chancellor, Prof. Jiang Chengyong acted as the host. Several distinguished guests delivered speeches during  the ceremony. In the evening, a Centenary Celebration Concert was given in the First Athletic Field, Xiasha Campus.