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UCR Provides A Special Scholarship for ZJSU Centennial Celebration
Recently, University of California, Riverside (UCR) has specially set up a UCR- ZJSU Centennial Scholarship to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our university.
The scholarship would be used to encourage ZJSU students to take part in various exchange programs between UCR and ZJSU. The total amount of the scholarship is $ 10,000, which would be granted in 5 years.
By August, 2010, ZJSU had already sent some students to take part in the exchange programs at UCR. These hard-working students have been praised by professors of UCR for their outstanding performances. Consequently, all of them have received the UCR- ZJSU Centennial Scholarship. 
Currently, ZJSU has ten students taking part in the exchange programs at UCR, and in August 2011, ZJSU would send another nineteen students for the exchange purpose.
UCR was founded in 1907. It belongs to the world-famous University of California System.