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School of Foreign Languages

SFL is one of the largest schools of Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZJGSU) and boasts 2 undergraduate programs, with a total number of 1,500 or so students at school. SFL now has 1 first-level discipline master’s program (Foreign Language & Literature), 2 secondary discipline master’s programs (Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics & English Language and Literature) and 1 professional master’s program (Translation), which accommodate more than 120 postgraduates. The school is made up of the English Department, the French Department, No.1 College English Teaching Section, No.2 College English Teaching Section, No.3 College English Teaching Section and Senior English Teaching Section, providing foreign language courses for over 26,000 undergraduates, graduates and doctoral candidates on campus.

Initially established in 1987 as Language Teaching Department of Hangzhou Institute of Commerce, it was responsible for the foreign language teaching of the college. In 1993, it was renamed Foreign Language Department and recruited its first-batch 50 English undergraduates. In 2001, School of Foreign Languages of Hangzhou Institute of Commerce was established, undertaking foreign language teaching work for English Majors and non-English majors on campus. In 2003, “Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics” master’s program and “Japanese” undergraduate program were authorized and initiated at SFL. In 2005, “English Language and Literature” master’s program was ratified and initiated. In 2007, “English Major” was rated as Zhejiang Provincial Key Major. In 2008, “French Major” was authorized and initiated to recruit its first-batch 25 undergraduates. In 2010, the first-level discipline master’s program of SFL (Foreign Language & Literature) and the first-level professional master’s program (Translation) were authorized and initiated.

School of Foreign Languages (SFL)


 Prof. Chai Gaiying

Undergraduate Programs

English, French

Master Programs

Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature

Research Centers

Applied Linguistics Research Institute, Translation and Culture Research Institute, Research Institute of English and American Literature